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Finance Recovery Engine

Capturing Retroactive Reimbursements

Assent’s Finance Recovery Engine (FRE) provides insight into an organization’s uninsured population and 
potential changes to their insurance status, primarily Medicaid and Medicare.
While a patient may not have had Medicaid coverage on their date of service, many times that same encounter can go on to become eligible for Retroactive Medicaid reimbursement long after the date of service or discharge. This presents a challenge for providers since entities can have tens of thousands of self-pay encounters within their EMR and billing systems, with more being added every month. Any of those encounters can potentially become eligible for retroactive reimbursement, but unfortunately many will expire beyond their respective timely filing periods before they’re discovered.
Acting as a safety net, Assent FRE provides daily monitoring of every Self-Pay and Sliding Fee encounter within your patient accounting system for the full length of its respective timely filing period. 

The moment an encounter becomes eligible for retroactive billing, it’s captured and your staff is immediately notified and provided with all of the necessary billing detail required for reimbursement.
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Create accurate reporting on the impact of your uninsured population
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Convert outstanding charity into billable encounters
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Increased transparency and reporting of Disproportionate Share Percentage (DSH%)
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Recognize revenue in as little as 30 days